CETTAcademy (CETTa) has been contracted by the Education and Training Foundation to review current practice in assessing and tracking learners through their maths and English programmes. Our initial aim is to formulate Effective Practice Guidelines (EPGs) to mitigate concerns arising from research, inspection and from practitioners about the validity and reliability of initial and diagnostic assessment practices together with the use of ILPs.

You can watch a video introducing the project and the EPGs below:

The 12 draft EPGs have been distilled from current educational research, as well as a wider discourse relevant to learner engagement, motivation and resilience. Having undertaken desk review and consulted with the sector, we are confident that they capture the essence of the emerging evidence-base.

We have  arranged the EPGs into three sections:

  1. Who should undertake initial/diagnostic assessment and tracking?
  2. What should be involved in undertaking initial/diagnostic assessment and tracking?
  3. How should initial/diagnostic assessment and tracking be undertaken?

EPGs wheel

As a next step, between September 2016 and March 2017, we are piloting the EPGs with learning providers across England. We have developed some tools to support this process, which can be accessed here.