Pilot Centre Toolkit


The resources below are designed for the pilot centres, working on the Effective Practice Guidelines for initial and diagnostic assessment and tracking.

Pilot centres can use all/ any of the following, with their coaches, to support the piloting process:

  1. EPGs (in full) PILOT (This includes the full EPGs with organisational considerations)
  2. EPGs (cards) PILOT (The cards can be used to undertake an audit of current practice)
  3. EPGs (wheel) PILOT (A quick reference guide, you can see the EPGs at a glance)
  4. EPGs (overview by section) PILOT (This is a short aide memoire)
  5. EPGs (overview cards) PILOT (These short cards can be used to prioritise EPGs, e.g. as a ‘diamond 9’)

We welcome feedback on the resources from organisations, not involved in piloting the EPGs, but who are interested in improving their approach to assessment and tracking – feedback form

The video below is a useful overview of key principles of assessment for learning, required to pilot the EPGs.

You can read some notes to support this video here.